The domain is the first step to creating a brand

Remember that the domain determines the first impression of an online store.
Choose a memorable domain name that your customers can’t forget.

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Manage your domain

Set up your domain and SSL from one admin page

Purchase your domain from Cafe24 to make domain maintenance simple. 
Manage everything from domain extension
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Customize your domain

Find a domain name that best fits your brand image
through Cafe24’s admin page. Connect your customized domain
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Set up your free SSL for a secure online store environment

Authenticate your online store with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
certificate. Automatically activate a secure SSL connection to protect
customer information on your store’s sign-up and checkout pages.

The domain is one of the most important elements that define a brand’s identity. Unifying our primary domain and subdomains became easy after migrating our global and domestic stores to Cafe24’s platform.

Oh Dongsoo, CEO of SOVO
Ecommerce Marketing Hosting