Customized IT infrastructure for
special business environments

Cafe24 special hosting provides the optimal infrastructure for a wide range
of business situations, including image usage and programming language.

※ This is a service available mainly in korea,
to be introduced soon.

Why choose Cafe24’s special hosting?

Customized services

and stable infrastructure for specialists

You can use a lot of images and process a lot of data.
Cafe24 offers stable infrastructure even in special business environments.

Industry’s largest backbone network

The 460Gbps broadband network, which sends and receives large amounts of data, provides a fast and reliable service during high traffic.

Industry’s first fully giga-class optical line

All servers are equipped with optical LAN cards, connecting the best network backbones with servers in use on 1Gbps dedicated lines to offer the best business environment.

Dual backup system applied to all servers

The dual backup system applied with real-time mirroring and RAID technology stores customer data using Cafe24 hosting on two disks simultaneously for secure management.

Simultaneous use of multiple databases

It supports a variety of databases ideal for the user environment. In addition to MySQL in the Linux environment provided by default, users can add other databases they want, such as MariaDB and PgSQL.

Recommended special hosting

Cafe24’s recommended

special hosting products

Specialized IT infrastructure for subdivided needs,

Cafe24 special hosting

Image hosting

It supports unlimited traffic and CDN services useful for operating online marketplaces and community sites with many images. It automatically distributes heavy traffic in the event of a surge in connections, enabling reliable site operations.

Node.js hosting

As a service excellent for concurrent processing of large amounts of real-time data, it is equipped with the latest version of the node.js module for fully leveraging the latest technology. Memory is allocated for each account to support more stable and powerful services.

Hosting types

Business infrastructure
for online success

Achieve online success with IT infrastructure optimized for diverse business needs,
from individuals and startups to enterprises.

Web hosting

Special hosting

Server hosting and IDC

Ecommerce Marketing Hosting