Know-how in operating and managing
over 28,000 servers Business
infrastructure completely stable
with heavy traffic

Cafe24’s professional engineers exclusively provide server plans and technical support tailored
to the business of its customers. You can benefit from high-speed transfers
and reliable access to rich server resources.

※ This is a service available mainly in korea,
to be introduced soon.

Why choose Cafe24 serve and IDC hosting?

Online business success

with leading technology and know-how

Fast and stable online business environment with technology

and know-how in operating and managing over 28,000 servers.

Industry’s largest backbone network

The 460Gbps broadband network sends and receives large amounts of data and provides fast, reliable service without wavering in spikes in traffic for online merchants.

Powerful performance and fast speed

Xeon E5 CPU and SATA3 dramatically improve server performance with ultra-fast data processing efficiency to enable you to run an online business without concerns for performance and speed.

Traffic redundancy that improves stability

The parallel composition of Cafe24’s 180G backbone switch, capable of rapidly processing heavy traffic without any bottleneck, efficiently distributes traffic processing and results in high availability.

Managed by 400 professional engineers 24 hours a day all year round

Technical know-how from professional engineers provides server designs and technical support tailored to your business. Enjoy a reliable business environment available through server management and rapid issue-handling all year round.  

Cafe24 server and IDC hosting

recommended products

Fast and flexible infrastructure reliably supports any size of business

Quick server hosting

A high-performance, exclusive server is available immediately upon application. As Cafe24’s main hosting product, it offers high-performance server hosting service at a reasonable price. It has been under the spotlight as the business infrastructure for startups and fast-growing companies.


Keep your business fast and reliable all year round. 400 professional network and system engineers provide a stable service environment and continuous monitoring and management through technical consultation, allowing companies to focus more on site operations and business growth.

Virtual server hosting

Server hosting-level service specifications are available at reasonable prices, enabling you to operate systems freely in an independent environment. It increases traffic, disk, and memory capacities and mounts high-performance SSDs to support ultra-fast data processing.

Hosting types

Business infrastructure
for online success

Achieve online success with IT infrastructure optimized for diverse business needs,
from individuals and startups to enterprises.

Web hosting

Special hosting

Server hosting/IDC

Ecommerce Marketing Hosting