Optimal infrastructure for web services

Create a server with just a few clicks to get started with web services.
Affordable and easy server management keeps your business stable and efficient.

※ This is a service available mainly in korea,
to be introduced soon.

Cloud Services Introduction

What is the cloud?

The cloud service organically divides servers to be run like individual servers.
Users can freely operate servers with administrative authority expanding and shrinking allocated resources.

Why choose Cafe24 cloud hosting

It offers various services
for your business to grow

A wide variety of companies have chosen Cafe24 cloud services. With decades of know-how,
Cafe24 rapidly identifies its customers’ businesses to provide various services and a stable environment.

Reasonable prices

Prices are charged only for use, offering services at reasonable prices to customers who have difficulty predicting their service usage.

Powerful scalability

With powerful scalability, you can respond quickly to changes in the business environment, including specific circumstances like events and promotions.

Easy service

Easy-to-use services even
if you are not a developer

With simple and convenient management tools,
you don’t need to be a developer nor have an in-house
IT expert to use and manage the services.

Simple design for non-developers

An intuitive web console dashboard allows you to identify
predictable prices and instantly see if your server is working

Easy admin console

You can use the services with just a few clicks on a web browser.

Easy server setup

Various configurations, such as a virtual server, storage and load balancer, make it easy to build an infrastructure environment.

High speed and reliability

Secure, reliable,
and optimized services

Rest assured with secure and reliable services
with high-quality infrastructure and powerful security.

Fast and reliable performance

Data processing with distribution and replication technologies and processors based on the latest architecture enable fast and reliable service operations.

Flexible storage expansion

Configure your storage capacity as needed, and quickly and easily expand the storage when you run out of capacity to secure storage space for your data.

Powerful security and access control

It blocks and even more securely manages outside threats in advance for server connections using encryption keys (SSH Keypair), Google OTP user access authentication, and free authorized IP assignment and disassociation as well as a firewall.

Virtual server

This is the default service of the Cafe24 cloud. As it is easy to create or delete virtual
servers without any need to add physical hardware, it offers an environment to quickly
and flexibly respond to changes. You can configure your desired hardware specifications
at a reasonable price with our continuous services provided all year round.
You can freely assign and disassociate authorized IPs.

Network fees

Any traffic in excess of the default traffic will be charged separately for each data range.

Block Storage

In addition to the virtual server’s storage space, you can add additional space to
store and backup data. You can securely store your data with data redundancy,
and easily backup and restore your data with the block storage snapshot feature.
SSD allows rapid data input and output.

Load Balancer

A network service that responds to heavy traffic by distributing the load across
multiple servers. You can connect and disconnect virtual servers to the load balancer
without manipulating hardware. It controls traffic reliably through redundancy.
You can freely assign and disassociate authorized IPs. 


A service that monitors usage and automatically expands and shrinks servers.
As virtual servers are created and deleted organically according to the usage,
you are provided with continuous services without any service interruption caused
by an unexpected load. Adjust the number of virtual servers and time intervals with
various settings, and adjust the number of servers at a specific point in time during
which the resources are focused due to events, and more, thereby reducing the cost of server operations.


A free security service that protects data against external attacks.
Firewalls are provided for virtual servers and load balancing,
with a variety of settings. It provides services using OpenStack’s security group. 

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