Drive online store sales with data analysis

Elevate your sales strategy by analyzing
customers’ buying behavior patterns and data.

Utilize analytics

Explore statistics and analytics tools
designed to boost sales

Check all sales data at a glance. Big data that show customer behavior patterns like visitor count, conversion rates,
and bestsellers can provide insights to improving your sales strategy.

Analyze sales data

Monitor your sales performance by keeping track of specific data like overall sales volume, most popular products, and more. 

Analyze product data

Draw insights from product-centric data like best-selling products and most popular product categories. 

Analyze customer data

Learn about your customers’ buying behavior by identifying their purchase journey, purchase frequency, and average purchase value.


Watch customer response
in real-time with SERA

Check your customers’ response in real-time with Cafe24’s data analytics tool, SERA. Receive analysis on the most-clicked and
most-purchased products to optimize sales strategies to the current situation. 

Check orders as they happen

Monitor your store’s performance at a glance. SERA provides easy access to a wide range of information, from the most-clicked products to changes in orders.

Adjust sales strategies to changing demands

Identify the best-selling items of the moment to quickly employ the most effective sales method. Build flexible strategies to drive more purchases, such as changing the order of products displayed on your online store or issuing discount coupons for the hottest items.

I rely on SERA to operate my store more flexibly according to real-time customer data. SERA tells me which products are most popular and should be placed at the top of the site. Rearranging product orders have actually resulted in more sales. The data from SERA helps me run my business more professionally.

Kim Heejung, CEO of Benito
Ecommerce Marketing Hosting