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customers on Google

Advertise and sell your products on Google with Cafe24’s Google Channel service. 
Showcase your products for free and run automatic Performance Max campaigns.

Sell on Google

Leverage Google’s global network to drive sales

Showcase your products to billions of online consumers around the world through Google’s many services.

Google Shopping

Google Search

Google Image


Google Display Network


Enjoy the advantages of selling on Google

Secure new customers

Gain new customers easily through Google services like Google Search, YouTube, and Google maps. 

Drive sales

Finding potential customers gets easier with Google. Showcase your brand and products on the Google platform to turn its users into buying customers. 

Achieve business growth

Utilize Google’s various services to organize ad campaigns that differentiate your brand from competitors. From entrepreneurs to small and midsize enterprises, anyone can seek opportunities for business growth on Google.

Utilize the Google Channel service

Streamline all your Google advertising and sales tasks with the Cafe24 Google Channel service.

Explore the advantages of the Google Channel service

Manage Google services smartly

Integrate Google services to your online store to sell on Google more conveniently. 

Employ Google’s marketing tools

Run marketing campaigns that fit your budget.
Google Channel provides various marketing tools, ranging from free product displays to paid shopping ads. 

Access new functions as they happen

Be the first to apply Google’s latest programs and functions. Boost your store’s operational and promotional capabilities with Google Channel.

Work with Google Channel’s
key features

Sync products on your online store to the Google Merchant
Center automatically with Google Channel.

Connect to Google’s many services

Integrate Google’s multiple services like the Merchant Center and Google Ads to the Google Channel app. 

Sync products to Google automatically

Set up your Google Shopping product feed in an instant by automatically syncing the product information already available on your online store. 

Promote products for free

Display your products on Google’s Search, Images, and Shopping tabs for free.

Run Performance Max campaigns

Advertise your products on different Google’s services by running Performance Max campaigns. Convert browsers to buyers quickly using Google’s campaign service.

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