Cafe24 makes uploading products
to your store quick and easy

Upload products easily by entering the most basic information.
Increase work efficiency by registering multiple products at once. 
Speed up the work process with Cafe24’s AI tool Edibot.

It automatically analyzes product images and
categorizes them by type. 

Register products with AI tool Edibot

Creating detailed product pages
made easy with Edibot 

Cut down the stress of tediously creating product detail pages one by one.
Leave it to Cafe24’s Edibot to categorize photos, write product information,
and automatically translate them into different languages. 

Sort hundreds of photos
in just 30 seconds

Turn to Edibot to automatically identify product colors from uploaded photos and categorize them into product-only or model-shot photos. Edibot instantly sorts through photos to generate a product detail page. 

Adapt various design templates

Create unique and attractive product detail pages by accessing various templates created for different items such as fashion, beauty, and food. 

Register products on an easy interface

Build product detail pages with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

Use layouts and stickers

Place the product images you want in the style you want. Add eye-catching sticker images to highlight your products even more.

Offer translations in different languages

Localize product detail pages with a single click. Automatically translate product information into languages like Chinese and Japanese. Create product pages for international customers in an instant. 

(Coming soon)

Fill out product information automatically

Enter product sizes and specifications with a single click. Edibot Fit frees you from manually inputting product details and categorizing them by type. 

(Coming soon)

Edibot helps merchants with no expertise in design create professional-grade product detail pages. It’s one of the most useful tools for online fashion brands.

Yoon Heejin, Director of Double K

Register products conveniently

Use product registration tools

to reduce
repetitive work and
raise work efficiency

Employ Cafe24’s tools to cut down the manual work and run your store more smoothly. 
Let Cafe24 categorize products and input details for you.

Customize your default options

Save frequently-used options such as product colors and sizes as default. Instantly load previously-used options when registering similar products to your store.

Sort products with

Reduce the time it takes to sort products. Use the drag-and-drop feature to organize your products conveniently.

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