Set up your online store theme in no time

Create a store theme that best represents your brand.
Choose from a wide range of design templates and use the Edibot Theme tool to complete
your store’s finished look quickly. 

Store theme

Find all the design elements you are
looking for with Cafe24 Themes

Browse through the trendiest store themes made by professional designers.
Choosing the best look for your store alone can get more customers interested in your brand.

Explore a variety of themes

Find the theme that best represents your brand image faster
by searching through a list of the most downloaded themes by category.

Access professional-grade themes

Enjoy high-quality themes created by professional designers
that specialize in e-commerce sites. Move one step closer
to business success with a professional-grade and trendy store design. 

Customize your theme to match your industry

Select a theme that best compliments your product category.
Whether it be fashion, beauty, jewelry, or food, you can find
a customized theme that can give you a leg up in your industry.

Set up themes in different languages for your global business

Create store templates in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and more.

Cafe24 made it very easy for us to set up our store design. Anyone can build a quality online store with a little bit of studying – that’s why merchants are so satisfied with the platform. Cafe24 simplifies tasks like building store templates so that merchants can focus the bulk of their time on creating best-sellers.

Lee Hyunjoo, CEO of Hello Boy

Edibot Themes

Anyone can build
a responsive online store

Add personality to your online store using design elements like web banners and pop-ups. You can also use responsive templates and easy-to-use drag-and-drop features to customize your store even further.

Drag-and-drop design elements to quickly complete your store

Customize your online store template by clicking on design elements, dragging them to the desired spot, and dropping them to secure their place on the webpage. Cafe24’s artificial intelligence tool makes editing elements quick and straightforward. 

Utilize responsive templates for free

Access responsive store templates for free. Your online store will automatically adjust to fit the different screen sizes of your customers’ PC, mobile, and tablet. 

I was able to customize my store’s theme with the drag-and-drop feature. I didn’t need to have any complex coding knowledge or hire a professional web designer. The simple process gave me more time to manufacture and distribute well-made products.

Yu Insoo, CEO of Mon Grass Market

Smart Themes

Decorate an online store just the way you like it

Customize your online store with flexibility. You don’t have to master complex programming languages.
Simple HTML editing goes a long way.  Edit your store theme using Smart Themes’ design sources. 

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