Partnership for Success

Become a partner of Cafe24
and meet 8.0 billion customers around the world.

Cafe24 Partners

Cafe24 works together with more than 30,000 partners, including design agencies and developers.

Cafe24 offers design skins and apps in various categories to e-commerce merchants around the world.

Cafe24 leads e-commerce trends and builds a vitalized ecosystem together with key global partners

encompassing all areas, including portals, online marketplaces, payment, marketing, and logistics.

We understood the potential of the Korean market

A lot of opportunities, and found things in common with Korea and Israel like the advanced startup ecosystem. Even now, Korea is an attractive market to Israelis.

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Benefits for Partners

Stable revenue generation

Cafe24’s partners can easily secure markets of 2.00 million
online stores and generate revenue. Demonstrate your design sensibilities and development capabilities to provide unique and differentiated services to online merchants.

Connection with customers

In the B2B market where businesses meet one another, it is necessary to meet customers face-to-face for promotion. Cafe24 has developed a marketplace for design agencies and developers with excellent skills and technology to meet their customers. It will serve as a link between online merchants and partners, and help you secure potential customers without any additional promotional marketing.

Successful global expansion

Cafe24 Store provides services to online stores around the world, including Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. You can meet not only customers in Korea, but also 8.0 billion customers around the world with one design skin and app, making it easy for you to expand your business.

Partners: Designers

Designer sensibility makes businesses succeed. Sell your designs to Cafe24’s +2.00 million
customers without any additional marketing. A well-made design skin is applicable to tens
of thousands of online stores, allowing you to secure both customers and sales at the same time.


You are free to create design skins simply by signing up as a Cafe24 Partners member. Sell and manage various design products, such as mobile, global and online store designs, by registering via Admin. Cafe24 Partners provides information on required documents, registering and managing created designs, and how to use Admin.


More than 24,000 design agencies are working with Cafe24 Theme Store. Cafe24 Theme Store sells over 240,000 designs to match each business category, including fashion, beauty, food and accessories.

At first, it used to be a bit difficult to quickly and precisely respond to customers’ needs since they varied so much. Still, I believe Cafe24 is an ideal place to meet a diverse customer base and sell creative and practical goods related to web design.

Cho Hye-young, Goodymall Design

We have 14 years of experience and trust in Cafe24.
Thank you for providing a design partner to grow together.

Lee Soo-jin, Morenvy

There was a customer who switched to Cafe24 from a different platform, and a month after the transfer was complete, the customer sent us a thank you message and a gift, saying that it was easy to manage and modify the site and that online sales increased.

Woo Hyung-wook, Webterior

Partners : Developers

A single idea has the potential to change entire e-commerce
Create new business opportunities in the global
e-commerce market
through app development.

Cafe24 Developers

As an open platform, Cafe24 Developers provides the industry’s largest open APIs, software development tools, and development cases to connect with your own solutions. From single-person developers to small- and medium-sized developers, you can use the API and develop services connected with Cafe24 solutions, irrespective of the size, as long as you have the ideas and technology. Currently, there are more than 2,000 registered developers, and hundreds of apps have been released to global customers in countries, such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Cafe24 Store

Cafe24 Store is an e-commerce app market where you are free to buy and sell apps needed to operate online stores. In addition to the features needed to operate an online store, such as marketing, orders, delivery and sales management, Cafe24 Store continues to launch apps that incorporate the latest technologies encompassing AI, AR, VR and big data..

Thanks to Cafe24 Store, we can now easily meet a large number of online merchants. In particular, since we have been able to automatically insert codes using Cafe24 API, customer satisfaction for online stores that use marketing automation has increased.


Cafe24 Store launched its services right when we were considering a global business expansion in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and more. It’s great to be able to provide services to overseas businesses beyond Korea.


On Cafe24 Store, we meet customers who request customization services as well as in-store services. It is clear that more online stores desire customization after Cafe24’s API became available.



Our partner network around the world is the driving force
for merchants’ online business success. Cafe24 partners with global e-commerce service providers
to provide a one-stop business environment that enables merchants to focus on their creativity.

Expand your sales channels to 50 online marketplaces

Reach 8.0 billion consumers by integrating the most prominent
global online marketplaces to your store, including Amazon, Shopee, T-mall Global, and Rakuten.

Global marketing network

We provide a consolidated marketing service through our partnerships
with key media and marketing channels in each region.

Consolidated PG provides seamless payments across the globe

Our close partnerships with PG companies in the United States, China, Japan,
and Korea allow us to provide the most payment options to Korean merchants
and offer the best purchasing environment for global consumers.

Logistics and shipping optimized for e-commerce

Our strategic partnerships with global logistics companies
like EMS, Fedex and Yamato Transport allow us to provide merchants
with quick and safe international shipping services.

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