Drive sales around the world
with Facebook and Instagram

Expand your sales channels to Facebook and Instagram with Cafe24. 
Advertise your brand to 3.3. billion Facebook and Instagram users.
Take your business to international markets like North America, Europe, and Asia in one-stop.

Start Facebook Shops

Setting up Facebook Shops is
an instant process with Cafe24

  • Integrate your online store with Facebook Shops to drive traffic and sales to your store. Store-to-Shops integrations make it easy to promote your products and brand to Facebook and Instagram users. 
  • Setting up Shops is made convenient through Cafe24. All merchants running a store on Cafe24’s platform can easily add Shops to their sales channel. 
  • Discover new customers around the world with Cafe24 and Facebook. Employing a global strategy for creative content and product promotion becomes easier.

Expand sales to social media

Operating Facebook Shops
becomes easy with Cafe24

Sync up to thousands of products in your online store to your Facebook Shop instantly through the Cafe24 integration. 
Open your Facebook Shop straight from the Cafe24 platform and scale your business.

Set up your Shop in one minute

Open your Shop in a matter of clicks. Complex registration processes are not required. Managing your Shop and ad settings for Facebook and Instagram can also be done simultaneously. 

Manage Facebook services from one centralized admin

Upload thousands of products
to Shops at once

Enable real-time data integration between your online store’s admin page and Catalog, which holds all product information
on Shops. Skip the manual process of uploading products to your Shop one by one. Publish thousands of online store products to your social media channels with a single click.

Create Collections automatically

Showcase your own lookbook with Shops Collection. Curate products into themed categories. 
Create Collections automatically and efficiently with the product category information registered on your online store.

Go global with ease

Expand to any market where
Facebook and Instagram has a presence

Going global is now easy for anyone. The synergy between Cafe24’s global service and
Facebook’s leading social media channels is creating new opportunities for all merchants.

Discover new customers around the world and take your products to new markets. 

Optimize your product page to each market

Make your products available to any country
where Facebook and Instagram have a presence.
Simply connect your Cafe24 store with Shops and set your desired region. 

Handle global payments and shipping

Receive support for payment and shipping services that are necessary to sell to international customers. Cafe24 provides all services in one-stop.
Focus on creating engaging content and gaining
new customers through social media. 

Draw from Cafe24 and Facebook’s partnership

Facebook Shops’ official global partner, Cafe24

Leverage the Cafe24 and Facebook partnership to scale your business.
Cafe24 is one of eight global partners for Facebook Shops.
The two are closely collaborating to make advancements in the e-commerce market. 

Utilize Cafe24’s automation service to manage Shops efficiently

Provide personalized product recommendations to customers

Integrate product data on your online store to Facebook and Instagram. Sync detailed product information like item name, price, color, and size to your Shop.
Drive more sales by directing the most relevant product information to the right customer.

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