Process orders, shipping, and inventory easily

Manage your orders, deliveries, exchanges, and returns efficiently. 
Access Cafe24’s easy solutions to grow your business quickly. 

Process orders and shipping

Unlock effective order management tools
and delivery options

Set up order processing options according to your needs to provide your customers with a quicker shipping experience. 

Check order status at every stage

Handle orders without delay

Make working simple with Excel

Take care of exchanges and returns

Handle all order cancellations,
exchanges and returns in the right way

Use order processing tools to respond to your customer inquiries as quickly as possible. 
Increase customer satisfaction by tackling even the most complicated issues promptly.

Respond to all types of customer inquiries

Resolve various customer inquiries with Cafe24’s order cancellation, exchange, return, and refund tools.

Track order changes on a status board

Keep track of submitted, processing, and completed orders on a real-time status board to increase your business’ operational efficiency.

Manage inventory

Control inventory systematically

Gain customer trust by reducing repeat stock shortages
and return rates. Utilize stock control tools that keep track of
accurate inventory, re-ordering levels, and stockouts.

Categorize inventory by product type

Group inventory into categories like trending, new arrivals, and seasonal items.

Control stockout

Identify products that are running out of stock and take action instantly.

Register product inventory in bulk

Upload inventory to your store in bulk with MS Excel.

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