Drive online sales with effective
advertising strategies

Take a professional and systemized approach in online marketing and secure new customers effectively.

※ This is a service available mainly in korea,
to be introduced soon.

Ad marketing

Find effective advertising strategies
to increase sales

Establish your advertising plan. Use different marketing channels such as Google Ads
and Google Shopping campaigns for advertising your store to different target customers. 

Display your products
with Google Ads

Create Google Ads. It is the most widely appearing ads
when you search for products on Google Search,
YouTube, and many more.
Manage your advertisements at a reasonable rate with PPC (Pay-Per-Click. Payments are made when potential
customers visit your website by clicking the ad.

Run Google Shopping campaigns

Attract customers who are highly likely to purchase your products with Shopping campaign ads. Use Cafe24’s Google Channel service. It allows you to use Google Ads easily by automatically sending your product data from your online store to Google.

Draw customers through
Facebook and Instagram ads

Utilize social media as it is the most critical advertising and marketing channel in e-commerce. Convert Instagram and Facebook users into new customers by using attractive social media ads.

Identify your brand with
Display ads

Start display advertising to help your customers identify your brand clearly. Display ads in the form of images can remarkably boost brand awareness.

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